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Friday, July 27 2012

Missing Attachment Scanner Plugin for Mountain Lion

The plugin will soon be moving to a new host, but in the mean time, you can find a beta version of the missing attachment scanner plugin for Mountain Lion here. Please enjoy, and stay tuned for some exciting new improvements!

Sunday, August 7 2011

Attachment Scanner Plugin for Lion

Thank you everyone for your patience while I prepared a Lion-compatible version of the missing attachment scanner plugin. You can download a beta version that is compatible with Lion through (10.7) here. Stay tuned for more updates.

Update 2012-02-02: Added support for 10.7.3.

Thursday, October 15 2009

On Collaboration and Instant Typing

John Gruber recently discussed some recently re-learned lessons about immediate feedback in text chats. It seems that Google Wave repeats a mistake made by iChat 1.0 wherein text appears immediately on the remote end as the user types it (anyone remember talk(1) ?). As it turns out, many people don't like people to see their messages as they are composing them. It's like letting everyone see your thoughts as you refine them. But then Gruber observes:

I never mind instant updating when I use SubEthaEdit to collaboratively edit a text file, but I can’t think of a good reason Google Wave uses it other than the demo factor.

But this makes perfect sense — we use chat tools and collaborative editors for entirely different purposes. In chat, the goal is communication, to clearly express one idea to another person. With SubEthaEdit, the goal is not communication but to collaboratively create something. In this case, the thought process is important to the user's task — it's the very point of collaboration. When we work together on an artifact (whether it's a report or code or something entirely different), we benefit from our own half-baked ideas and seeing the half-baked ideas of our partner. It's expected from the context. But in chat, we feel the need to present our own refined ideas, even if informally.

Friday, August 28 2009

Attachment Scanner Plugin for Snow Leopard

Just a quick note to let you know that a version of the Attachment Scanner Plugin for Snow Leopard is under development. I hope to be able to release a beta version in the next week or so. Stay tuned to this space for more details.

Update: [2009-08-29]: A beta version of the plugin for Snow Leopard is now available. It works for me on my machine, but it has not been tested, thoroughly or otherwise, on anyone else's machine. With that in mind, please feel free to give it a go and post any problems here.

Update: [2009-10-06]: A new beta version of the plugin for Snow Leopard is now available. It should work on all 32-bit Snow Leopard machines. A fix is in the works to provide support for 64-bit machines, but it's not yet ready to roll out.

Update: [2009-10-08]: Version beta 3 of the plugin for Snow Leopard is now available. This version should work on all Snow Leopard machines and all Intel Leopard machines.

Update: [2009-11-14]: Version beta 4 of the plugin for Snow Leopard is now available. This version is identical to the previous version but adds support for OS X version 10.6.2. Unfortunately, with the way Apple handles Mail plugins now, a new release will be necessary for every new version of Mail, even minor updates.

Update: [2010-03-29]: A new version that is compatible with OS X 10.6.3 should be out Tuesday. I apologizefor the delay. Version beta 4 continues to work with OS X 10.6.3.

Update: [2010-06-22]: Version beta 5 of the plugin for Snow Leopard is now available. This version adds no new features but adds support for OS X version 10.6.4. Known bugs: fails to ignore quoted text in some messages and only uses your current system language, even if set to multilingual mode. These bugs will be fixed soon.

Update: [2010-06-22]: Version beta 6 of the plugin for Snow Leopard is now available. This version includes fixes for two problems: messages written in a language other than English should now correctly trigger the plugin, and the plugin should now ignore quoted text in rich formatted (i.e. HTML) messages.

Update: [2010-06-22]: A new version of OS X brings a new version of the plugin. Check out version beta 7, bringing compatibility for Snow Leopard 10.6.5.

Update: [2011-03-23]: Version beta 8 is now out due out this weekend. This version adds compatibility with Snow Leopard version 10.6.7. Thank you for your patience.

Tuesday, July 14 2009

Demystifying Mail.app Plugins on Leopard

In the course of writing my email un-attachment plugin for Mail.app (and subsequently updating it for Leopard), I found that Apple has a capable, but entirely undocumented, plugin API. I'm providing this update to my previous tutorial in the hopes that it may be useful to anyone else considering implementing a plugin for Apple Mail.

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